If you're considering a career in 工程, Millikin will prepare you for that path through our pre-工程 curriculum. This program is affiliated with our Physics Department. Because of the myriad options that students with physics degrees have after graduation, you would work with you advisor to choose a program of courses that will best serve your post-graduation plans.

如果你打算在物理上做些高级的工作, 工程, 或天体物理学, your coursework would be heavier on physics and mathematics. 另一方面, if you want to pursue a career in another field, but still want all the advantages of a strong background in physics, you would take a core group of physics courses as well as certain upper-level courses in other areas. 例如, you might focus on biology courses if you were planning to go into biophysics or medicine, or you might take more business courses if you wanted to pursue a career in consulting.


Dr. 丹尼尔•米勒


在这个项目, you would attend Millikin for the first two years of study, 然后转到更大的大学, 比如伊利诺伊大学, 最后两年. You would ultimately earn a degree in Engineering from the school you where you complete your degree.

Cooperative 3-2 Dual-Degree 前期 Program

This program allows students to spend three years at Millikin and two years at 华盛顿大学 在圣. 路易斯,密苏里州. Upon graduation, you will receive two undergraduate degrees:

  1. Liberal arts degree from Millikin University, and
  2. Engineering degree from 华盛顿大学.

在工程领域, a strong background in physics is often considered a great asset among graduate schools and employers. This popular program allows you to get a broad education in many fields at a small school before moving on to focus on a particular field of 工程 as you take final steps to prepare for a career in your chosen discipline.


课程每学期换一次, so this list should not be considered a commitment to these individual topics. However, this does represent a list of many of our current and popular courses. The list is provided so that you can begin to imagine your academic career at Millikin in this major.

行星 基本的天空现象, cultural aspects of astronomy and history of astronomy to Newton, 太阳系. Emphasis given to principles underlying diversity of astronomical objects, as well as the processes by which astronomical knowledge has been gained. 通识教育课程. 每周上三节课. (PY100)
恒星和星系 Astronomical optics; gravity; the structure, composition and evolution of stars; galaxies and cosmology. Emphasis given to principles underlying structure and behavior of stars and galaxies, as well as processes by which astronomical knowledge has been gained. 通识教育课程. 每周上三节课. (PY101)
现代物理学 A study of the revolutions in physics since the late 19th century. 主题包括狭义相对论, 放射性, 原子与核物理, and introductions to quantum mechanics and particle physics. The laboratory includes an introduction to Mathematica, 乳胶, 期刊文章, 和研讨会的演讲. Three lectures and one laboratory period per week. 先决条件:PY 152. (PY253)
天体物理学 Calculus-based intermediate level course in astronomy and astrophysics. 主题包括天体力学, 电磁辐射与物质, 距离和大小, 双星系统, Hertzsprung-Russell图, 恒星演化, and the large-scale structure of the universe. 包括观察项目. 前提条件:PY 253和MA 240. (PY300)
物理化学,我 物理化学的第一课. Topics include the laws of thermodynamics, 基本统计热力学, 平衡, surface chemistry and physical chemistry of macromolecules. CH 351 and 353 are companion laboratory courses. 与CH 303交叉上市. 前提条件:MA 240和PY 253. (PY303)
物理化学二世 延续ch303. Emphasis on quantum mechanics as applied to theories of chemical bonding and spectroscopy. 化学动力学也包括在内. 每周上三节课. 与CH 304交叉上市. CH 351 and 353 are companion laboratory courses. 先决条件:CH 303. (PY304)
经典力学 An intermediate-level survey of classical Newtonian mechanics. 保守力, 阻尼振荡和强迫振荡, 动量和能量定理, 辏力问题, 轨道, 双体碰撞, 特殊的坐标系统, 散射和耦合振荡. 矢量分析, 轴向旋转刚体, 万有引力, 的转动惯量, 旋转坐标系统, 连续介质, 以及拉格朗日和哈密顿力学. 先决条件:PY 152. Corequisite: MA 340 or consent of instructor. (PY352)
实验物理二世 A more advanced laboratory course where students will only do 2 or 3 experiments, 更详细地讲, 专注于实验设计, 数据分析, and written and oral presentation of results.  The course will include an introduction to National Instruments? 虚拟仪器.  Prerequisite: PY 262 or consent of the instructor. (PY362)
数学物理 Applications of mathematics to various areas of physics. 主题可能包括向量微积分, 矩阵, 微分方程, 傅里叶级数, 和坐标转换. Prerequisites: PY 253 and MA 250, or consent of Department Chair. (PY401)
电磁我 The first half of a two-semester sequence covering the basis of classic electromagnetic theory as well as special relativity.  主题包括向量分析, 静电学和能源, 边值问题, 介质媒体, 电流, 磁性, 最后用麦克斯韦方程结束. 先决条件:PY 152 and MA 305 or PY 325, or consent of the instructor. (PY403)
电磁二世 The second half of a two-semester sequence covering the basis of classic electromagnetic theory as well as special relativity. Topics include applications of Maxwell's equations, such properties of electromagnetic waves in vacuo and in matter, 矢量势和标量势, 洛伦兹变换, 以及狭义相对论的其他主题. 先决条件:PY 403. (PY404)
量子力学 As an introduction to the methods of quantum mechanics, this course will cover Schrodinger's wave equation, 波动力学, 氢原子, 自旋和量子动力学. Prerequisite: PY 253 and MA 305 or PY 325, or consent of instructor. (PY406)
高级研究 An advanced research project performed under the supervision of a faculty member.  Research should include a literature search, written report, and oral presentation.  Research may be either theoretical or experimental.  PY 482 (offered in the spring) is required for all physics majors.  Those planning to do a senior honors thesis or who intend to perform more extensive research should take both 481 and 482. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and Department Chair. (PY482)