Managing Expenses for Your Trip

Merit awards for international students

No separate application form or process is required for Millikin merit scholarships. Millikin’s merit awards for international students are based on a combination of academic merit, the potential to contribute to a global campus community, 领导, 志愿服务, 社区服务, 和财务需要.

奖 will range from partial to full tuition scholarship. These funds are renewable each year, based on successful continued academic performance.

Additional sources of financial assistance

We have listed some other sources of financial aid. You can also visit our 国际 Student page for other information about financial aid.

  • Your Embassy in Washington D.C. (either for scholarship funds or information on resources for funding)
  • EducationUSA Advising Center in your country
  • 国际 Student Organization
  • Institution of 国际 Education (IIE)
  • 国际 Student Loan
  • Financial 援助 from U.S. Department of Education
  • Peterson’s Education Center - The National Association of Financial 援助 Administrators
  • Organization of American States and Leo S. Rowe Panamerican Fund (loans)
  • Phelps-Stokes基金
  • The National Science Foundation
  • The College Board Online - The Foundation Center
  • A. Patrick Charnon Scholarship, American Association for University Women- 国际 Fellowships
  • American Scandinavian Foundation
  • Asian Cultural Council
  • Credila: India Based Student Loan Lender
  • 埃德蒙年代. Muskie Eurasia Fellowship
  • Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF)
  • Eurasian 本科 Exchange Program (UGRAD)
  • 富布赖特项目
  • Josephine de Kármán Fellowship Trust - King Faisal Foundation
  • Microsoft 奖学金
  • Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc. (for US citizen or PR)


贷款 can make it possible for you to study as an international student at Millikin. 国际 student loans are also available. Compare interest rates and terms at several different financial institutions to find the best deal. 国际 students are eligible for private international student loans to study in the United States—as long as you have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-sign for you.


If you are coming to the U.S.A. on a F-1 /J-1 visa, you may qualify for 20 hours/week of work on campus. After you are admitted to Millikin University, you will have access to the myMILLIKIN online student portal and you will be able to apply for a job on campus.


You are responsible for paying for books, notebooks, computer accessories and other study supplies. Expect to spend around $500 dollars on books and materials each year.


As an international student at Millikin, you will be required to have health insurance. Click here for more information on 健康保险.


Students are invoiced in July and December for the next semester’s charges and electronic statements may be accessed via myMILLIKIN. You can add another person who will also receive your notification. You will be able to pay online by credit card or you can do a bank transfer from your home country.